Silver Arrows to Silver Bullets 


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The Lay of Celyn Tegid

Mysterious white hare Celyn Tegid.



Inspiration – the ideas behind Blossom the Were-Rabbit

Early in the academic year our teacher posed the question, where does story come from?

That phrase remained with me because in the case of Blossom the Were-Rabbit, the ideas evolved from a couple of sources.

The first was the hare that regularly visited my semi-rural property. It was wary, easily frightened but it kept appearing early in the morning and at dusk. Then, there were two of them. I managed to photograph and film them.

As I sit at my desk, writing on this early December morning, two hares have appeared in the front garden enjoying what grass there is left as the bush around us dries out from lack of rain and the summer heat.
I haven’t seen them for awhile, so I am delighted, and take it as a good omen as the new chapter of Blossom unfolds on the website and social media platforms.

The other inspirational source occurred on Christmas day 2016, when my family gathered for lunch. My brother was looking after his daughter’s rabbit while she was in America.

Blossom hadn’t been the best guest. She’d bitten people, chewed a hole in her cage and run amok in the house ripping up linen or some cushions.

I’d never heard of rabbits being so aggressive. The story was the joke of the day because neither my brother nor my nephew (both adults) were keen to touch little Blossom.

On the way home, my daughter and I joked about the story and it was during that hot Australian summer-evening drive, that my niece’s savage little bunny morphed into Blossom the Were-Rabbit: the main character for the story I would write for the new 2017, Transmedia subject, now called, Writing for New Media.

But how to develop a rabbit story? One tale does not always make a satisfactory story.

The characters, storyworld and strong plotlines had to be developed and refined. Taking it into the realm of fantasy was the best way forward: tapping into Celtic myth and legend, tracing the stars, re-imagining certain stories, and creating a few of my own along the way.

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