Blossom is Missing!

Blossom is missing! He must have climbed out of his window tonight when my family visited.

I locked up the house and checked that everything was secure for the night, just as I always do.

Checking Blossom is the last thing I do before I go to bed. He’s still very young and I think all parents like to know their little ones are safe and tucked in properly. They look so young and vulnerable when they are asleep.

But tonight, his room was empty. His bed was messed up; it looked like he’d been jumping up and down on it. Then I noticed the curtains were moving so I pulled them back and found the wire at the bottom of his window had been pushed out. It’s a fair drop for a little rabbit.

If he fell out of the window, he might be hurt.

I peeked outside, but I couldn’t see him anywhere.

Then I heard owls in the distance.

I’m so worried. What if he’s hit his head and wandered off and is lost or worse. It’s so cold outside. But I can’t do anything until morning when the family wake up.

Agatha looks worried
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