Blossom watched as Malevant closed in…

Blossom watched as Malevant closed in, turned to face them, and paused.

‘‘And don’t give me any more lies. Your mummies aren’t waiting anywhere nearby.” Suddenly Malevant lunged, swiping at Blossom with one paw .

Keeping to the fence where the grass was long…

Old farm hayshed made of split timber and iron roof, with concrete silo on its right. Long grass in foreground and light shining through clouds. Evening shot.

Keeping to the fence where the grass was long, they hurried from fence post to fence post. Finally, they came to the farmyard and they slipped back under the gate. They halted for a moment, listening and watching the sky.

Blossom is Missing!

Blossom is missing! He must have climbed out of his window tonight when my family visited.

Blossom sat up, listening…

Close-up black and white photo of an owl with wings outstretched, flying at night over flower-studded field of grass. Moonlight glimmering on the owl's back and head.

Blossom sat up, listening. his ears moving to catch any sound over the night noises.

The air above him moved. Wings flapped close to his ears and he flattened his body to the ground.

Shortly after, they came to a little tunnel dug into the back of the garden…

Close up of Blossom crouched in the grass, with leaves and twigs in foreground.

Shortly after, they came to a little tunnel dug into the back of the garden; an old, open water drain leading underneath the stone wall into the farmyard. A round loose rock lay against one side of the wall. Blossom ducked his head and followed Apollo into the tunnel.

Blossom almost jumped out of his skin…

Two, young wild-rabbit relatives of Agatha Bunny.

A quiet knocking noise made him pause. It was coming from outside his window. “Psst!”   Blossom almost jumped out of his skin. “Psst!” came the sound again, a little louder. Blossom, are you awake?” Blossom hopped over to his window. “He’s asleep, stupid.” “No he isn’t.” “Yes he is.” “It doesn’t matter, just wake him up.” “I’m trying.” “Who’s there?” squeaked Blossom. Four furry faces with big bright eyes and long ears appeared at his window. “It’s Bandit. This is Snoop and Bram and Apollo… we’re your cousins. We live down… Read More