The Prophecy or Lay of Celyn Tegid


The Prophecy – otherwise known as the Lay of Celyn Tegid

Blessed be the children of the valley of Gwy

Their roots lie strong and deep in the earth

Unmarshalled and leaderless, still they keep watch

White forest of the goddess

Many have grown since the first sapling


Blessed is the blackthorn – Straif, increaser of secrets

He who numbers among the eight, guardian of the dark time

They will need his protection in the coming days

He will favour the hedgerows and old dwellings

At Samhain he will cast off the witch’s thorn

even as the raven flies free against the stars



Blessed be the Apple tree Myrddin’s delight

Under whose leaves time holds no sway

The apprentice will rise and bear his master’s will

Sweet apple tree by creek and river

the light fades from your silver boughs

evil shall rend bone and flesh as blood stains the east,


long ago the battle was fought in Cymru

and long has the song been lost to the wind

Those who seek written accounts are misled

The battle of trees wages through the ages

One who wishes for war approaches

The gentle hare will not fear him


Sweet apple tree sweet apple tree

The plum-sloe guards the sacred groves

Under blue sky and black night

The blossom will prevail.

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