Blossom the Were-Rabbit


Montague, or Monty as he is usually called, lives on a neighboring farm.

Montague (or Monty as he is usually called) is a retired draft horse.


Brennin has a bright blue head and dark breast. He is one of the fairy wrens who make Lavender Farm and the river their home.

Brenin the blue fairy-wren might be small but he’s a powerful ally. He helps Blossom on his darkest adventure.


Rhedwr the fox.

Rhedwr (pronounced Rhe – do) is a cheeky fox who roams the hills and paddocks around Lavender Farm.

Farm Animals

Some of the animals who live on Lavender Farm.

Meet some of the many farm animals who live on Lavender Farm…


Henry, or “The Colonel” as he prefers to be called, is a proud, no nonsense rooster who runs his life to a strict schedule and has an exaggerated sense of his own importance. He is often found perched in his favourite apricot tree on sentry duty, overseeing the animals in the farmyard keeping a stern eye on everything.


Meet Angelique and Claudine, two of the hens on Lavender Farm.


From left we have Bella, Gabby, Raisin and Admiral Abenbrot.


Webster and Cagney are two very inquisitive pigs who are always up for a game.

Ella Meurs

Ella lives on Lavender Farm with her mum and dad and Archie her older brother. She loves Agatha and Blossom and all the other animals. She likes to play pirates with Archie and wants her own pony.

Archie Meurs

Archie Playing Pirates

Archie lives at Lavender Farm with his little sister Ella and his mum and dad. Archie loves helping on the farm and playing pirates.

Mr Meurs

Mr Meurs working in his orchard.

Mr Meurs lives at Lavender Farm with his family. He grows apples, pears, apricots and plums in the orchards and runs some sheep, cattle and a variety of other farm animals. The farm is always a busy place.

Agatha’s Relatives

Close up photo through the wire fence; we see one of Agatha's sisters with her young family

Agatha’s sisters, cousins and their numerous offspring live in the burrows across the river from Lavender Farm.

Blossom’s Wild Rabbit Cousins

Blossom's young cousins who live in the burrows across the river.

Meet Bandit, Snoop, Apollo and Bram.  These adventurous young rascals are Blossom’s cousins. They live in the burrows across the river from Lavender Farm. Bram’s younger brother Comet (far right) is too young to join their adventures.

Buck Blakrond

Buck Blakrond

Buck is a cunning, shape-shifting were-rabbit who wants to create as many were-rabbits as possible and take over both the animal and human worlds.