Buck Blakrond

Buck Blakrond

Buck is a cunning, shape-shifting were-rabbit who wants to create as many were-rabbits as possible and take over both the animal and human worlds.

Celyn Tegid

Mysterious white hare Celyn Tegid.

Celyn Tegid is the wise and mystical hare. He is known only in legend as one who long ago learnt the ancient and sacred lore at Myrddin’s feet.



A skilled predator and bully who stalks the neighbouring farms. He has sworn revenge against Blossom.

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Agatha Bunny poses in the long grass for her portrait.

Agatha Bunny lives in the garden at Lavender Farm near Meadowbrook.


Blossom the little black rabbit enjoying the soft green grass in the farm's garden.

Blossom is a young rabbit living with his mother Agatha at Lavender Farm.

Roland Rat (Roly)

Close up shot of Roly with his big back eyes.

Roly is a cunning rodent who lives in one of Lavender Farm’s old sheds.