Malevant lives on the neighbouring farm with Mr Fitzgerald. Malevant hunted Blossom when the naughty rabbit ran away from the safety of Agatha and the garden. Malevant almost caught him but Blossom’s aggression surprised and momentarily frightened Malevant allowing the young rabbit escaped. Another time Blossom was saved from Malevant and Mr Fitzgerald by Celyn Tegid.

Since then Malevant has been the laughing stock of the district.  Many animals are happy that Malevant suffered a defeat. Nursing his embarrassment and wounded pride Malevant has sworn revenge.

Malevant hates Blossom and spends much of his time watching Lavender Farm plotting his revenge.

A true carnivore and expert hunter, Malevant loves food and loves cooking. He’s on a mission to promote the health benefits of rabbit meat. Check out some of his tried and tested recipes on his blog.

Malevant’s Kitchen Kapers 

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