From Silver Arrows to Silver Bullets: A Brief History of Wererabbits

Wererabbits in Myth, Legend, and Folklore

Werewolves are well known in myths, folklore, literature, and popular fiction but there is also a lesser-known history of wererabbits appearing in many cultures dating back to Medieval times and even earlier.

Wererabbits, like their werewolf counterparts, are essentially shapeshifters. Both werewolves and wererabbits do not necessarily change at the full moon but tend to change either side of the full moon or at times of emotional stress.

Before the invention of firearms, silver arrows were used to kill shapeshifting demons such as werewolves and wererabbits. Silver, with its history of mystical properties and associations with the moon, was traditionally the only substance capable of killing a werewolf.

The truth of all this may be disputed however one thing cannot be disputed, legends and myths of shapeshifters abound.

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Guardian demon on the funerary papyrus of Bak-en-Mut

Wererabbits in Literature

Animal Body Literary Corpus: The Old Roman de Renart

Jon Kaneko-James

Chronicles of a Wererabbit is a fantasy/fiction story about a girl who is a shapeshifter.


Wererabbits in Popular Culture

Curse of the Wererabbit-DeviantArt

Forsyth Stories


Medieval manuscript image, part of The Rabbit’s Revenge

Wererabbits in Film

Wallace and Grommit: The Curse of the Wererabbit

source: DVDActive –


Monty Python and the Holy Grail

The Beast of Caerbannog  A Wikipedia site with filmography and the Notre Dame image that inspired the beast (as shown below).

source: Ministry of British Comedy



From ‘The Allegory of Cowardice’ series, Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France.



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