Celyn Tegid

Wise old hare who becomes a mentor and guide to Blossom
Celyn Tegid

Celyn Tegid is a wise old hare. He and Blossom met on Blossom’s first adventure into the paddock beyond Lavender Farm’s garden. No-one knows his age or even when he first came to Meadowbrook. He lives in the bramble patches near the river and can be seen sometimes at night sitting on the ridge above Lavender Farm.

Celyn Tegid comes from a long line of wise hares who were said to have learnt magic and wisdom at the feet of Merlin.

Celyn Tegid on one of his rambles

A poet and scholar, Celyn Tegid is writing his first book, From Merlin to Obi Wan: Mentors and Power Through the Ages.

Celyn Tegid will appear in the story soon.

Celyn Tegid alert to danger

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