The Adventures of Blossom the Were-Rabbit or A Rabbit’s Tale

A little black were-rabbit living in north central Victoria struggles against the violent nature of his condition as well as those who seek to exploit him and all rabbits for evil.

Blossom lives with his mother Agatha on Lavender Farm near Meadowbrook, a little village that was once a thriving gold mining town, somewhere in Central Victoria. As Blossom grows up his adventurous nature leads him into trouble. But when real danger looms and his life is in danger he discovers his alter-self; his were-nature.

Read Chapter One:

Of Nights and Storms and Moonlight Stirrings


Follow Blossom’s adventures as he grows up.

Discover the story, the characters, and participate in the adventure.

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© Janet Bayliss 2017

All content including drawings, photographs, text, videos, soundtracks and interactive content on this and other websites, blogs and social media platforms pertaining to Blossom The Were-Rabbit and/or Blossom The Were-Rabbit Project, is the creative and intellectual property of the author unless otherwise attributed.
Header photo: Ricardo Gomez Angel

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